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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SQL Saturday 149, Beer, Powershell and SQL

I will be speaking at SQL Saturday 149 at the University of Minnesota campus on Saturday, September 29th.  This marks my third time presenting in Minnesota for this event and my first time ever delivering the same presentation twice.  I delivered the presentation in Madison in April and got reviews around the 4.5 out of 5 range.  I am hoping to improve this time on my pace (some said I talked to fast).  This is a fun presentation that will cover the myriad of bizarre and not so bizarre ways I use Powershell to get things done.    I can guarantee that beer will enter the presentation in some method.

In addition, I have been asked to help facilitate at the Powershell table during "lunch on a stick" as well.  Stop by if you want to talk about Powershell or beer or fishing or wild mushroom foraging. (aka things I know a little about)

The speaker lineup is really good this year and a nice blend of topics.  I will be trying to catch presentations by Dan English and Joe Sack for sure, not sure how the rest of my day will end up.

Hope to see you there -  stop me and say hi - I have a beard and will be wearing a speaker shirt (likely the only one with that combination :)

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