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Sunday, April 22, 2012

SQL Saturday 118 - Madison WI followup

This might be the closest thing I will ever write to a blog post.  I just returned from my fourth SQL Saturday, this one in Madison, WI.  The MADPASS group did a great job putting together a really fun event (Jes, Leonard, Tony, Tim, Gina (and more I am sure).

Their were speakers from all over including several from Wisconsin.  I got to meet Powershell MVP Steve Murawski which was really cool and connect with some folks I know from the other side of the state.

I attended David Peterson Demystifying Powerpivot for the Sharepoint Admin presentation first, knowing nothing about either topic I learned some tips and tricks from someone who has clearly been in the trenches with the technology.  After that, I had to unfortunately miss the next set of presentations so I could get myself prepared before I hosted the Powershell "Cows of a Spot" lunch.  The post lunch presentation belonged to a fellow Minnesota PASS member Mark Vaillancourt and his MDX Trek presentation.  Mark is always funny and did a really nice job putting together a beginners course in MDX.  Given my career is headed that way I found it more intriguing, as he approached the topic from the beginners standpoint.  After that I attended Steve Hughes presentation on performance tuning SSAS.  I had no business taking up a seat in there as most of the conversation was over my head being my SSAS skills are nil.  Either way since I am moving that way in my career I went for osmosis.

Then it was my turn.

My presentation A Powershell Driven Life was really well attended, not sure if there was a chair left.  This was incredible considering I was going up against some good topics and speakers and it was the last session of the day.  I ended up with 34 evaluations turned in - 22 scores of 5, 8 scores of 4 and 4 scores of  3.  The average came out to 4.52 so I definitely did a better job than my previous presentation.  The comments I got were primarily positive with one person noting I went to fast - which I know I tend to do and need to work on.

My fourth SQL Saturday presentation involving a beer theme seems to resonate as folks left comments about the bad and good beers and talked with me afterwards.  It helps to add a fun element to the presentation to tie along with what I am trying to get across.  Speaking is really fun and ends up being a good benefit when job searching, as I have learned.  Given my career switch I am not sure when I will come up with a topic again that people will find useful.

So thanks again to the organizers and sponsors.  (Red Gate, Idera, PASS, Melissa Data, Tushaus, Rubix Consulting, I hope I got all of them.)

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