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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Looking for trouble in all the right places with Powershell

Sometime in early 2010 I got into using powershell at work.  It started with MS Operations Manager not being particularly useful in the environment and then Buck Woody starting to post little bits and bites on using powershell for monitoring.  The first function I wrote wrapped the "commandlet" (cmdlet) Get-EventLog into something I could call from various monitoring scripts.  Here is the start of a series of functions I wrote to help find out about issues, hopefully before any user does.

function Get-FilteredEventLog([string] $physicalServer, `
            [string] $logName, `
            [string] $entryTypeFilter, `
            [datetime] $eventLogDate,`
            [string] $eventExclusionList )
{Get-eventlog -ComputerName $physicalServer `
    -logname $logName `
    -After $eventLogDate `
    | Where-Object { $_.entryType -eq  $entryTypeFilter } `
    | Where-Object {$eventExclusionList -notcontains $_.EventID} `
    | Select-Object MachineName,EventID,TimeGenerated,Message

A sample function call with comments for each parameter.

Get-FilteredEventLog -physicalServer $Server ` # Name of server to check.
    -logName "System" `                      # System (could be Application or Security, etc)
    -entryTypeFilter "Error" `                # Errors in log only
    -eventLogDate "2010-09-14" `       # Exclude Events prior to eventLogDate
    -eventExclusionList "1111,1112" `  # Exclude EventID 1111,1112
    | Out-GridView  # Push to a Grid View

1. If you have more than a server or two, you may wish to use Out-File and push the results to a text file.
2. This method is not fast, if want speed, eliminate some of the filters and just look for errors or the latest 100 events using -Newest 100

[edit: removed Format-Table in function - separate function from presentation.


  1. I recommend not using Format cmdlets in your function because that limits you. Have your function write to the pipeline. Then you can format it if you want, or export, or sort, or convert or whatever.

    Jeffery Hicks
    PowerShell MVP

  2. Very good point. I pulled this from my presentation scripts and I should have cleaned that up.